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group huddle

By Erik Walsh
Monitor Sports Editor
KEMP–The Kemp Lady Yellowjackets volleyball team hit, passed and spiked their way to victory Sept. 1 against visiting Frankston.
Kemp won the first set decidedly 25-12, before dropping the nail bitter second set 25-21. The Lady ’Jackets went on in their dominating way in the third set and won 25-15 to claim the match win.
Kemp got a well-rounded effort from its entire team. Libero Sarah Farely had seven digs on the night and outside hitter Emily Mullens served up one ace to go with her three kills and three digs. Outside hitter Lucy Anderson had four kills and four digs, while middle blocker Cortney Crapazano exploded with 11 kills and three blocks. Defensive specialist Haley McNutt added a kill with her five digs, and middle blocker Hannah Hosch had three kills and four blocks. Hitter Madison Thompson also had seven kills and two blocks, and setter Chasity Rodriguez helped the team with 29 assists.
Kemp Lady Yellowjackets Head Coach Liz Henning said, “It was a great night in the Kemp High School gym because the girls hit the court hungry for a win at home. Crapazano was solid all night in the middle, finding the floor with every hit.”
The Lady ’Jackets are back in action after the Labor Day weekend when they dual Eustace and Malakoff at home.



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Sam Epps

By Pearl Cantrell
Monitor Staff Writer
KEMP–The Kemp Varsity football team got on the scoreboard in the first 15 minutes of play against the Palmer team Friday and kept posting scores.
It wasn’t until the last quarter of the game that Palmer made its first touchdown and its last score came in the final two and a half minutes of play in a thrilling 95-yard run.
The Kemp faithful were glad of the 40-14 win, after remaining winless all last season.
An aggressive offense, coupled with a fierce defense shut down the inside handoff move Palmer employed throughout the contest. Stand-out performances between the quarterback and four receivers, who stood head and shoulders above their teammates sparked cheers as did numerous quarterback sacks perpetrated by Kemp linebacker Beau Dancer. Add a couple of runaway races for the goal line on both sides and you had a game that was very exciting to watch.
Kemp quarterback freshman Dreyson Watters carried the ball well for a relentless march into enemy territory, posting a second touchdown in the first quarter. He also completed a number of passes, especially to No. 12 Elijah Gardiner.
Running back senior Braxton Watters (Dreyson’s older brother) crossed the goal line early in the second quarter with a 48-yard run, bringing the score to 21-0, which held up into the halftime break.
Soon after the start of the second half, signals got crossed, and the ball was thrown with no receiver in view. However on the turnover to the Bulldogs, a fumble at the scrimmage line was neatly recovered by the ’Jackets at the Bulldog 36-yard line with 3:23 left on the clock. This was followed up with a 19-yard pass completion and a first down on the 14-yard line. A quarterback keeper lost one yard and a Bulldog defender made the tackle, leaving the ‘Jackets at third down and nine yards to go. A try at a field goal kick went wide of the uprights.
On the turnover, the ’Jackets relentlessly fought to hold their territory and the Bulldogs could not make any gains. Dancer sacked the quarterback on third down and 15. Bulldog Wyatt Lewis made a 15-yard crazy path run to achieve a first down with less than 30 seconds till the half and no scoring occurred in the final seconds.
An enthusiastic crowd clapped the Yellowjackets off the field.
On return to action, Palmer employed an on-side kick from its own 33-yard line, for first possession in the second half. ’Jacket Noah Romero stopped their march forward at second and 15. A quarterback keeper play gained no yardage on third down, and No. 4 Josiah Brewington performed a pass interception for a turnover to the ’Jackets. A flag on the next play for false start cost the ’Jackets a five-yard penalty. D. Watters completed a pass followed by a quarterback keeper for first down on the 22-yard line, then ran for 40 yards and first down. The next play was a pass that was caught out-of-bounds for a second and 10. The same play was run again, this time with success as Brewington leaped high into the air for a one-handed catch.
D. Watters followed this up with a three-yard gain for first and goal. A touchdown pass to Brewington posts the first scoring goal in the third quarter, 27-0 with 6:44 on the clock. The point after kick again went wide of the uprights.
The jackets stopped the kickoff return at the 35-yard line with Matt Dedie making the tackle. Dancer sacked the quarterback on the second down and nine. On the next play, the ’Jackets recover the ball and run it down field for a 50-plus yard touchdown, which withstood a personal foul called on Palmer. This time the point after kick is good with 4:23 left in the third quarter. The ’Jackets hold the Bulldogs scoreless with 34 points on the board.
The kickoff return gave the Bulldogs good field position at the 47-yard line, but an incomplete pass turned the ball over to the ’Jackets at the 45. At this point, Braxton Watters is called in as quarterback for Kemp and a snap is missed with a loss of 23 yards on second down. The ’Jackets recover a few yards on the next play and then with just eight seconds left in the quarter at fourth and 21, Kemp ball carrier Romero breaks free for a race across the goal line, but a flag on the play disallows the touchdown and the ball is turned over to the Bulldogs with three seconds left in the third quarter.
The fourth quarter starts with a Bulldog ball fumble, which the ’Jackets exploit for a gain of 19 yards on the carry for a first down on the 27-yard line. Another first down brings the ’Jackets within nine yards of the goal line, followed by a touchdown with 8:40 left in the game and 40-0 score with no extra point.
The Bulldogs keep their fire stoked for payback and follow the kickoff return with a 66-yard quarterback keeper to cross the goal line, putting them on the board with the extra point and 7:38 left on the clock. The punt return gives the ’Jackets midfield positioning inside the 45-yard line. A handoff to No. 20 Alan Quezada and a run up the middle gains seven yards, followed by a quarterback keeper for first down. A pass on the next play to Nate Mendoza is completed for five, inside the 26-yard line. The next two plays come close to a first down but without success and the ball turns over to the Bulldogs with 2:29 left in the game.
The Bulldogs pull out all the stops with No. 3 completing a pass and running 95 yards for a touchdown under a super full moon, which has everyone on their feet cheering and shouting. The point after is good at 1:23 with 14 points for Palmer. On return to ’Jacket possession, the clock is run out with Richard Lowrie called in as quarterback.



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David Jones Aug 15 race

By Erik Walsh
Monitor Staff Writer
KEMP–Street racer David “Bird” Jones is at it again.
The Kemp native continues to cement his name among the top street racers in the country after facing Kye Kelly in a head-to-head in a grudge match at Dig Night in Houston Aug. 1, and placing top four at the Armageddon Outlaws $20K Invitational Aug. 15 Noble, Okla.
The grudge match was set up after Bird defeated Kelly last month. Kelly wasn’t happy with the results and “called out” bird for the rematch in Houston. Bird accepted. Unfortunately for Bird, when race day came his engine caught on fire when hitting the nitrous and was unable to continue to the final race and had to settle for runner up.
Despite the disappointing outcome, Bird had no time to mope around. The big Armageddon Outlaw $20K Invitational was less than two weeks away and he needs to get his car ready. Jones and his crew worked around the clock to make sure his Camaro was in top shape to face the racers from the Discover television series Street Outlaws.
Finally, the big day arrived and Bird was pitted against some of the top racers in the country at the Thunder Valley Raceway Park. He, and 31 other speedsters vied for the $20K prize. Bird didn’t win the whole event, but had a strong showing and earned cheers from fans and respect from his peers.
The invitational was set up in a single elimination bracket. The winner moves on, and the loser is out. In the first round of the event, Bird quickly send Plan B home packing. Bird’s rival Kye Kelly also participated in the event and was noticeably defeated by John Doe in the first round.
Bird was matched up against Andrade in the second round and defeated him as well to move on to the top eight. With a spot in the final four on the line Bird got the best of Honey Badger and advanced to the fourth round.
Birds opponent in the semi-finals was John Doe, the man that defeated Kelly in the first round. Things didn’t fall Birds way in the race, as his car was unable to shift into high. According to Bird’s mother, Lynn Jones, her son was a little gun show on manually shifting after losing a previous motor. John Doe moved on to the final, where he lost to the head Outlaw racer, Big Chief.
That ended the competition for Bird, but his showing was strong enough to keep making noise in the industry. He was just one race away from competing against the guy that invited him to the Oklahoma in the first place and potentially winning it all.
Jones may not be sure where the street racing will take him, but it is clear his life is about to get a whole lot busier.
David Jones Aug 15 race