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Kadie Lynn hug
Monitor Photo/Erik Walsh
Kadie Lynn hugs family members and friends after a packed house at Chaps diner in Seven Points erupts in applause following Kadie’s performance on “America’s Got Talent.” She got a “yes” from all four judges.

By Erik Walsh
Monitor Staff Writer
SEVEN POINTS–It was all hugs and cheers for local performing artist Kadie Lynn Roberson when a packed house at Chaps diner in Seven Points watched her triumphant performance on “America’s Got Talent” June 14.
Roberson, a twelve-year-old Kemp girl, has been singing at local events like Gun Barrel City’s July Fest and Kemp’s Wildflower Festival for a few years. The Roberson’s had to be tight-lipped about the AGT results until it aired Tuesday night. Boy, was it worth it.
Kadie smashed it, singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star” to the delight of the live audience and, more importantly, all four “Talent” judges.
Out of all the judges, typically the hardest to please–and the one whose praise means the most–is Simon Cowell. Lynn was pleased to hear fantastic feedback from him.
“When we make these shows it’s a bit like we are mining for talent,” stated Cowell. “You dig and you dig and you dig and then every so often you find a little diamond and that’s who we found today with you.”
“I am so impressed, actually from the moment you started talking to me, I had this feeling about you, Kadie,” stated Cowell. “You’ve got this really cool almost confidence about you.”
“Your voice, however, is so mature, so real, and I have a feeling, and I’m rarely wrong, that in a few years’ time we are going to look back to this moment and say this is the day we discovered Kadie Lynn,” said Cowell.
After Cowell finished speaking, the crowd in the Seven Points diner erupted, proud to share in the happiness and success of their own. Kadie fought back tears in her eyes as she hugged her mother and other supporters.
“Knowing how many people I have rooting for me means the world to me,” Roberson said after the show aired.
Other feedback from the judges included Heidi Klum praising Kadie for having so much confidence so young.
“I have a daughter your age, and I cannot imagine her doing what you are doing right now,” Klum said.
After singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star,” Judge Howie Mandel jokingly asked Kadie if she had ever been in love. Kadie just smiled and said “with my mom!”
The City of Gun Barrel City is hosting a Kadie Lynn parade and concert June 30. The parade is scheduled for 5 p.m., and a performance by Kadie Lynn is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the city park amphitheater. Other performances include Trinity Wennerstrom and The Lost Boys at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., respectively.



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By Erik Walsh
Monitor Staff Writer
HENDERSON COUNTY-There’s a new sheriff in town.
Botie Hillhouse made it official June 1 when he took the oath of office at the Henderson County Courthouse Annex. Hillhouse took the oath before a packed room of witnesses, cementing his climb to the top office in the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department after becoming chief deputy in 2014.
It’s been a long road for the Athens High School graduate, who has been with the department for 18 years. His career in law enforcement began in 1998 when he worked as a detention officer, then moving to patrol deputy. After a brief time as a criminal investigator, Hillhouse spent five years, from 2003-2008, as a narcotics investigator.
Narcotics investigation remain a priority for Hillhouse. According to his campaign website ‘Botie Hillhouse for Henderson County Sheriff,’ Hillhouse will “focus on narcotics investigations in order to reduce crimes against person and property.”
After moving on from narcotics he worked as patrol lieutenant, major and patrol Sgt., before being assigned chief deputy.
After taking the oath, former sheriff Ray Nutt got a warm send off with appreciation for his years of service as the top law man. Nutt held the Sheriff position in Henderson county since 2009. His career in law enforcement spanned over six decades.
“He’s been a great leader for the sheriff’s department,” Henderson County Judge Richard Sanders said. “It’s been great working with him and Hillhouse.”
Hillhouse announced in June of 2015 that he was seeking the office of sheriff and claimed Nutt’s endorsement. In the Republican Primary last March Hilhouse won a closely contested vote over Investigator Billy Jack Valentine. Hillhouse was the winner by 6,862 votes to 6,801.
Hillhouse and his wife, Stacy, have four daughters. Stacy is the chief of police at Malakoff Independent School District.



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By Pearl Cantrell
Monitor Staff Writer
ATHENS–Henderson County District Attorney R. Scott McKee delivered the last box of evidence over to experts this week to determine if 56-year-old Randall Wayne Mays is competent to be executed by lethal injection.
His brutal killing of two Sheriff’s deputies on May 16, 2007, the day of the annual Henderson County Peace Officer Memorial observance, is once again brought into sharp focus during this year’s memorial observance held at the court house May 17. Mays was convicted of killing Deputy Tony Ogburn and Investigator Paul Habelt, the first to arrive on scene of a domestic disturbance call in Payne Springs on the Mays homestead. Bullets from Mays’ rifle blew the deputies’ heads clean off their shoulders.
Mays’ death sentence was halted March 15, 2015, when the Court of Criminal Appeals agreed with Mays’ attorney that his competency should be reexamined.
McKee said the review of competency has been in the discovery phase for some months with every state agency having anything to do with Mays ordered to turn over their files for review by three psychiatric experts.
Once the experts review all the pertinent information, they will file their report with the court. Henderson County will hold a hearing of that report and render a judgment. That judgment (if against Mays) will be appealed and all findings up to this point will go to the Court of Criminal Appeals for a second round, McKee explained. “There are many routes Mays’ attorneys may take to delay or overturn the death penalty sentence,” he said.