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Puroff, Sean Anthony

By Pearl Cantrell
Monitor Staff Writer
TOOL–The Tool Police Department returned a parolee back to jail Wednesday after a high-speed chase that knocked one car off the roadway and endangered a dozen others. Tool officer Jenny Engle with back-up from her husband, officer Garrett Engle, and a Seven Points officer chased Sean Puroff, 35, starting from Arnold Hills through Seven Points and then Kemp on State Highway 274 to the service road Eastbound on U.S. 175 where the trio were able to box in the subject, who had been driving a silver 2004 Kia Amanti with fraudulent paper tags.
At one point during the chase affecting 6 p.m. traffic, Puroff came up on an 18-wheeler and proceeded to pass him on the two-lane highway by King’s Creek Golf Course. Vehicles were warned by the flashing lights of the pursuing police cars and pulled off and stopped on the sides of the road.
Puroff was just out of jail, and gothis cousin to help him find his wife in Arnold Hills, he told the officer who was responding to a suspicious car in the neighborhood. At the time, Puroff was the passenger and the officer had asked the driver to step out of the car and tell her what was going on. When the temporary tags on the vehicle were traced, they were found to be fraudulent. The driver said the car belonged to his aunt and he had borrowed it. The driver was in possession of a suspended Florida driver’s license and was having financial trouble that was preventing him from getting a Texas driver’s license.
While Officer Jenny Engles was talking to the driver outside the car, Puroff, 5-2, with an alias of ‘Shorty’ had gotten into the driver’s side, buckled up and then took off, the officer reported.
Puroff is in the Henderson County Jail on bonds totaling $43,500, facing charges of evading arrest, aggravated assault with a vehicle and possession of controlled substance penalty group 1 less than a gram.
Puroff was last arrested in the Groom & Sons parking lot May 13, 2015, at which time he was charged with two counts of evading arrest, family violence, credit card abuse, theft of property and possessing fraudulent identifying information.
Puroff’s cousin was not charged and proved to be cooperative with police throughout the incident.
Monitor Staff Reports
TOOL–Tool Police took a burglary suspect into custody Monday, after a tip from a local business on where to find Richard Dean Garner, 22. Garner was wanted in connection with a break-in at The Learning Express Preschool and Daycare on W. Will White Road in Tool on Dec. 27.
Surveillance video shows a man in an orange UT college jacket on the premises, which sustained a great deal of damage, including a rock through the back glass door, electronics torn off walls and the internet, phone and electricity lines cut.
During the investigation, the jacket was found on a nearby barbed-wire fence. In the pocket was a membership card to The Arcade. Police showed a photo of the suspect and asked if the business knows him. They said they did. And the next time he came in, police arrested him. Personnel from the business later picked him out of a police lineup.
Garner was still being held on bonds totaling $25,000 for Burglary of a Building.
MABANK—On Jan. 8, the Athens Police Department took a man into custody on an active trespass, who was also identified in connection with a break-in at the Mabank Junior High the day before. Billy Gene Robinson, 34, was arrested and bonded out the same day posting $1,750.
From a Facebook post of surveillance photos, Mabank ISD Police Chief Joey Rich was able to identify his subject as the same Robinson, but shortly after he had been released. Mabank Police Chief Keith Bradshaw said his department got the call at 6:45 p.m. on Jan. 7. The suspect had come around to the workout room where Mabank personnel have access to, asking about a woman. The man who was working out there conversed briefly with the suspect and followed him out, noticing a window had been broken and called it in, Bradshaw told The Monitor.
At that point, “I handed the case over to Joey. He put the word out there and discovered later that weekend that his suspect had been arrested in Athens on a trespassing charge,” he said. Mabank ISD Chief Rich was unavailable for comment on the case.



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By Pearl Cantrell
Monitor Staff Writer
KAUFMAN–Kaufman County Commissioners met for the first time in 2017 in an upstairs meeting room in the courthouse annex due to repairs needed to the usual downstairs room, where a vehicle was inadvertently driven through the plate glass side in the parking area on Jan. 3. Commissioners agreed that the repairs should incorporate a 15-foot expansion of the room to better accommodate the public attending Commissioners’ Court meetings. Facilities maintenance chief Bobby Bridges is to compile to scope of work and move forward on collecting estimates.
Sheriff Bryan Beavers presented commissioners with a new organizational chart and pay rates for each of 85 positions in his department, noting the movement of six officers from administration to patrol. He reported the department receives on average 271 calls for service daily and the percent of cases cleared in 2016 beats both the statistics for state (32.4 percent) and national (33.3 percent). In 2016, deputies reported on 9,225 incidents, forwarded 4,847 of those to investigators, who cleared 1,788 cases (36.9 percent) resulting in 2,008 arrests.
Beavers further reports the average daily inmate population in 2016 was 418 with an average daily admission rate of 14 per day with 14 daily releases.
Other figures included animal control, in which 723 dogs and 351 cats were picked up in 2016. Enforcement on commercial vehicles in 2016 resulted in 2,385 contacts and citations totaling $268,976. Judge Bruce Wood noted that 60 percent of county residents are in unincorporated areas and fall under the Sheriff’s jurisdiction for service and incident calls.
In a final bit of business for the sheriff, commissioners approved uniform pay for investigators and command staff be issued through payroll to address IRS concerns on clothing that is also considered street clothes, Beavers explained.
With a budget line item for facilities planning for the courthouse of $45,000, Commissioners agreed to hire Quimby McCoy Preservation Architecture to assist the county with a master plan for renovation work in the courthouse.
Wood explained the vestibule is out of compliance of safety standards and if the county wants funding assistance, this is a necessary step. “The State Historical Commission is well aware of our condition and is taking an interest in our plans,” Wood added. “This is the beginning of a long process.”
Commissioners accepted a preliminary plat for a lake side subdivision coming off CR 4042 in Precinct 4 called Edgewater. Plans call for 145 house lots on 250 acres. Lot prices average $200,000 on Cedar Creek Lake and $60,000 for off-lake sites, developer Cedar Creek Preservation LLC stated. The subdivision plan is to keep the roads private and privately maintained.
A spokesperson from a second development, this one on Travis Ranch, explained the high-end housing subdivision’s plan to replace the sole public access road from Kaufman County to Lake Ray Hubbard with a new road and seeks abandonment of the old one, once the new one is opened.
In other business, commissioners:
• approved Farmers Electric Coop to construct a power distribution facility across Armstrong Road, to provide power to a residence on Farm-to-Market 1392.
• reappointed Terry Thomas, Fred Carter, Taylor Golden, John Loar and Earnest Owens to the Emergency Services District No. 2 board for two-year terms. Also, Chuck Carpenter, Mark Smith and Tricia Smith to ESD 3 Board. Also, Robert Fair and Bart Mathews to ESD 1.
• named Robert Hunter as Veterans Service Officer for the county. Commissioner Skeet Phillips said 28 applications were received and narrowed down to six candidates, “all good” with the committee unanimously selecting Hunter as the finalist.
• nominated Bruce Bynum, City Bank president in Forney, to represent the county on the Tax Appraisal Board. Tax assessor-collector Brenda Samples has a nonvoting presence on the board. New Precinct 1 Commissioner Mike David Hunt said as a former appraisal board member, he appreciates this change. He said there were often conflicts of interest when the tax assessor-collector was a voting member of the board.
• contracted for road materials as recommended by purchasing agent for primary, secondary and alternate providers.
• approved preliminary documents to set up Department of Agriculture Block Grant on behalf of Abel-Springs Special Utility District
• paid bills totaling $1,019,855; of which a half a million was in employee insurance, $99,000 for quarterly payments, $73,000 in utility costs and $84,000 for road and bridge.
• heard the Jan. 23 meeting will update commissioners on road bond projects.



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By Pearl Cantrell
Monitor Staff Writer
KEMP–On the same day the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) accepted the application to amend the Certificate of Convenience and Necessity filed by West Cedar Creek Municipal Utility District, it also granted a withdrawal of said application.
Following an executive session on Dec. 19 of the WCCMUD Board Meeting, the board’s attorney stated for the public that the PUC has found the utility’s application to be administratively complete but made no mention of the dismissal of the application by mutual request of both the City of Kemp and the utility.
When asked for an explanation for the continued gridlock, Kemp Mayor Laura Peace responds: “We have had issues arise with WCCMUD and are attempting to work through them for the benefit of our citizens. It is our desire to work directly with the WCCMUD board and not through the media. Our citizens are our only priority and we are taking steps to insure that the best interests of our citizens are being served.”
Attorney Chad C. Rook for WCCMUD board responded: “As noted at the December board meeting WCCMUD both desires and plans to continue negotiations with City of Kemp officials, just as the mayor suggests.”
The City of Kemp maintains its CCN. WCCMUD has its office built in Kemp, pipeline laid and is delivering water to the Kemp area.
A Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) gives a CCN holder the exclusive right to provide retail water and/or sewer utility service to an identified geographic area. Chapter 13 of the Texas Water Code requires a CCN holder to provide continuous and adequate service to the area within its CCN boundary. Municipalities and districts normally are not required to have a CCN; however, some municipalities and districts do have a CCN. A district or municipality may not provide services within an area for which another utility holds a CCN unless the district or municipality has a CCN itself for that area.
On Dec. 16, 2016, the PUC issued under Docket No. 46211 its staff recommendation that the application be found administratively complete. Under Control No. 46211, Item No. 13.
The background portion of the docket stated that on July 25, 2016 the utility filed the application to amend its water CCN and to cancel the City of Kemp’s water and sewer CCNs in Henderson and Kaufman counties. It also recounted that on Oct. 25, 2016, the administrative law judge required PUC staff to file a supplemental recommendation that if followed would bring the application into administrative completeness, on or before Dec. 16. Therefore, the pleading was timely filed and accepted for filing under the appropriate administrative code.
The docket then goes on to list the utilities operating in the area be notified of the acceptance of the application. And provide the PUC with affidavits that notice was provided within a specific timeline.
The docket is time stamped 1:53 p.m.
Item No. 14 of Docket No. 46211 is Order No. 4 granting request to withdraw application; dismissing docket. “This Order addresses West Cedar Creek’s and City of Kemp’s letter to the Commission agreeing to withdraw this application.” The Administrative Code allows a party that initiated a proceeding to withdraw its application/petition, without prejudice to refiling of same, at any time before that party has presented its direct case. It is time stamped 2:31 p.m.
Item No. 12 is a copy of the letter sent from the City of Kemp attorney Terrence S. Welch addressed to WCCMUC attorney Rook dated Dec. 14, 2016 and timestamped received by PUC at 9:11 a.m. Dec. 16, 2016 reads:
“As you and I, as well as our clients, have discussed and agreed, the City of Kemp no longer wishes to participate in the decertification of its water CCN and further, we have jointly agreed that the foregoing application pending before the Public Utility Commission of Texas should be dismissed.”