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ATHENS–A Kemp 20-year-old has been sentenced to five years in prison for a 2013 Burglary of a Habitation.
Last week, 173rd Judicial District Court Judge Dan Moore sentenced Zackery Childers in Athens.
A Henderson County Grand Jury indicted Childers on evidence gathered from a Nov. 11, 2013 burglary investigation. (Childers turned 19 Sept. 1, 2013.)
The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call that a young man had been seen driving an allegedly stolen lawn mower into the woods near the western edge of the county, near Kemp.
According to a press release, neighbors said the mower had been removed from a garage of a house that was for sale. The fence leading to the garage had been cut and the garage door was partially opened. The deputy also noticed significant damage to the door jam of the house, suggesting it had been opened by force.
Household items were scattered throughout the residence, cabinet doors were open, and it was obvious that someone had gone through everything.
In addition, neighbors said that the day before; Childers had offered to pay them to help him move items from the home.
Officers located Childers later that day and he was arrested for outstanding warrants out of Kaufman County. Childers denied any knowledge of the lawn mower or break-in of the house.
The officer returned to the scene of the break-in and lifted multiple fingerprint throughout the house for further investigation.
These were turned over to investigator John Long, who followed these up with recorded statements from witnesses that had spoken to the deputy. Additionally, he submitted the fingerprints to the Texas Department to Public Safety Crime Lab for analysis. One of the fingerprints, taken from a bowl in the kitchen, matched Childers’ left thumb, the press release stated.
After sentencing, prosecutor Assistant District Attorney Justin Weiner said the following: “I am proud to work with the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office in bringing Zackery Childers to justice. My hat’s off to Deputy Sorrells, Investigator Long, and the entire Sheriff’s Office for their dedication and tireless efforts to protect the citizens of Henderson County and their property.”
District Attorney Scott McKee noted that fingerprint collection is not as easy as it appears on television. According to McKee, the conditions have to be ideal to collect good prints.
“I wish we worked and operated in the world that the CSI shows depicts. But that’s not the reality,” McKee said.
It takes the right conditions combined with the right training and experience coupled with good police work to have forensic evidence work in your favor.
“We are very fortunate that our Sheriff’s Office does an outstanding job in this area,” McKee said.



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Monitor Staff Reports
ATHENS–Judge Carter Tarrance gave the maximum jail sentence to a man pleading guilty to assaulting his wife in 2013.
Marc Jamison Woodcock, 45, of Waxahachie was sentenced to 20 years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Woodcock opted to have the court assess his punishment.
He was indicted by a grand jury last year after police responded to a call placed by the neighbor in July, 2013.
The woman had fled to the neighbor’s house, badly beaten, bleeding and covered in bruises. She had also been strangled.
During the punishment hearing, the court heard testimony that while out on bond for assaulting his wife, Woodcock attacked her again in Ellis County, hitting her in the face and shoving dog feces down her throat.
“We hope this gives the community and his family members peace of mind for the next 20 years,” assistant district attorney Danny Cox said in a press release. “It’s important that our office continue to protect the community, even from those victims who cannot or will not help themselves.”
District Attorney Scott McKee indicated that his office continues to aggressively prosecute those who abuse women and children. “There is absolutely no excuse for domestic violence in our communities,” McKee said.



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CEDAR CREEK LAKE–A Dallas report of the shutdown of Interstate 635 Tuesday involved the death of a local man.
Confirmed through a social media message from the deceased’s sister, Dylan Chas Gunderson, 26, was killed during the incident.
All northbound lanes of the Interstate were closed at Highway 80 at the height of rush hour in Mesquite in the aftermath of a police arrest of two suspects.
The North Texas Fugitive Task Force, led by the U.S. Marshals Service, attempted to arrest one of the suspects when he entered a vehicle driven by Gunderson. The pair fled the scene. According to the U.S. Marshals Service, the passenger was wanted in connection with the investigation into the death of a man who had been struck in the head by a brick during a fight in Arlington on Jan. 5.
Derek Livingston, who died Monday of his injury, had sought medical treatment on his own at the time, but his health deteriorated and he was removed from life support.
Balch Springs police spotted the suspect’s vehicle just before 5 p.m. and attempted to make a traffic stop.
As the officer approached the door, the driver (Gunderson) is reported to have shot himself.
The other man was taken into custody.
Authorities had withheld the identity of the two men, but word went out on social media identifying the “self inflicted gun shot” victim as Gunderson.