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Monitor Staff Reports
GUN BARREL CITY–Some quick police work captured two burglars Monday morning. In addition, police believe these young men were also responsible for burglaries committed last month and in July.
Efrain Perez and Anthony Malone, both 17 years old, were taken into custody and charged with burglary.
An alarm went off at the Cut Rate Convenience Center at 2503 W. Main St. in Gun Barrel City between 4:30 and 5 a.m., just prior to opening. Police arrived moments after the alarm went off and observed the front window had been broken.
An immediate investigation was launched with officers Zach Kennedy and Kevin Lewis canvassing the immediate area, where they found two young men, identified as Perez and Malone.
Both were wet and had wads of cash in their pockets, according to a press release. Both were detained for questioning.
A Cut Rate employee arrived and determined that multiple cartons of cigarettes, a case of beer and cash were missing from the store.
During questioning, one of the young men confesssed to the burglary and implicated the other one.
The confession led to the location of the missing items and the majority of the property was returned to the store.
In addition, during the investigation, enough information was gathered to tie both Malone and Perez to prior burglaries at the same location, one in November and another in July. Additional charges for these are being filed as well.



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By David Webb
Monitor Correspondent

KAUFMAN–The Kaufman County Commissioners approved an agreement with Mabank Nov. 24 to launch long-awaited repairs to CR 4006.
The agreement provides for the disbursement of up to $200,000 from Kaufman County road improvement bond funds to make the repairs on the county road from Adair Road to Yeoman Road. Voters approved a $56 million road improvement bond package in November 2013 that included the section of CR 4006.
Area residents complained frequently to Precinct 4 Commissioner Tom Manning about the delay in the start of repairs. “I’ve been trying to get this cooking for the last two or three months,”he said.
Manning said he had hoped to see the construction complete before he leaves office at the end of the year, but the City of Mabank will oversee the project now.
The repairs represent the only project in Mabank funded by the bond package, Manning said.
In other action, the court:
• learned a property auction held recently at Kemp High School resulted in the tax resale of 14 pieces of property that will be re-added to the tax rolls. Opening bids started at 25 percent of appraised value; 19 properties failed to sell. The next auction will be held in early 2015.



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Courtesy Photo A building is a total loss when winds carry sparks from a leaf-burning pile on Wood Street Sunday. Refrain from burning leaves on windy days, Payne Springs Fire Rescue Fire Chief Randy Harley warns residents.

Courtesy Photo
A building is a total loss when winds carry sparks from a leaf-burning pile on Wood Street Sunday. Refrain from burning leaves on windy days, Payne Springs Fire Rescue Fire Chief Randy Harley warns residents.

Monitor Staff Reports
PAYNE SPRINGS–Windy gusts and blowing fall leaves threatened to spread a fire from a two-story structure to at least two other residences in the neighborhood in Cedar Branch Park Saturday.
Payne Springs Fire & Rescue Chief Randy Harley said, the presence of volunteer firefighters staying at the fire station over the weekend and the alert response of a neighbor made all the difference.
“Our response time was just three minutes after receiving the call,” he said. However, the caller reported flames were all she could see.
The house on Anderson Lane was fully involved in flames when firefighters arrived and fire was up against two more nearby structures, Harley reported.
The wind carried sparks and embers to leaves which carried the fire to two more structures, he described.
Quick teamwork on the water lines saved the two additional structures. Once the fire was beaten back, focused effort was put on the original structure fire.
The extremely high wind had burning leaves raining down on the neighborhood, so we had spot fires to the north of the actual fire scene, he added.
Firefighters from Eustace and Gun Barrel City were called in to assist, totaling 25 firefighters in all with two engines, a ladder truck, two tankers and a rehab and medical unit standing by. No one was hurt.
On the following day, a second fire was called in, this time on Wood Street, just opposite of the Pinnacle Club area. There the resident lost control of a burn pile of leaves that swiftly set a building alight. When firefighters arrived, the structure was fully involved in flames and was a total loss.
Harley warns area residents to use extreme caution when burning leaves and said the chore should not be attempted, if even light breezes exist.
The presence of so much combustible material, low humidity and windy conditions make for a “very dangerous situation” if a fire is ignited, he said.