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Boy hero

By Pearl Cantrell
Monitor Staff Writer
KEMP–All the members of a Scurry family are alive and safe after a fire engulfed their home Sunday night — thanks to the selfless actions of a house guest.
Kemp resident Christian Love, 15, was spending the night with his 17-year-old classmate Austin Williams, his parents and two younger brothers, ages 12 and 15.
They had lit a bonfire Sunday night and supposed it was out before going to bed. No one seemed to remember the area was under a burn ban.
However, Christian told The Monitor, he woke maybe around 5:30 a.m. to the smell of smoke and shook his friend awake, who looked out the window and said he saw flames.
Christian led the way to the front door and felt the heat and saw that part of the living room was on fire. He did a quick check behind the sofa for the two dogs, but didn’t see them there.
“A line of flames had crossed the hallway,” he said. That’s when he jumped over the flames to wake the rest of the family. “I just knew we had to get them out,” Christian said. Austin followed his lead and together they woke up the parents, and proceeded to the other bedroom where the other two boys slept.
“I had lost my glasses, and could only see smoke, but I knew where I wanted to go,” Christian said. “I kept Austin low to the ground. He has asthma, and I stayed low, too,” he described. By the time the other boys were awakened the path to the front door was impossible to cross, so he and Austin got them all out the window, with Austin going first.
15-year-old Cole was able to grab his phone and called the fire into 9-1-1.
Christian continued to try to locate the family’s two dogs, which the mother was also trying to do while Mr. Williams had gotten to the sink and was trying to put out the fire with water. The parents exited out the front of the house. Mr. Williams suffered burns on his feet in his efforts to fight the flames.
Christian was the last to leave by means of the window.
“I had no feeling of fear,” Christian said. “God told me, ‘No fear, just act.’”
Christian’s father, a Texas Department of Criminal Justice officer, was very proud of his son, once he learned the details of the rescue.
“I shook his hand this morning and told him he earned his manhood, today,” Joey Love said. “He acted on the U.S. Marine motto: No man left behind,” he said.
Christian has a brother, five years older than he, serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, stationed in South Carolina.
On Monday, Christian hadn’t heard from the Williams family, though his dad was able to get word to them that his family would help them anyway they could.
Christian and his dad’s mission Monday afternoon was to get Christian’s glasses replaced. He also lost his wallet, cell phone, backpack, shoes and set of clothing.
Christian and Austin attend Kemp High School as sophomores. Christian plays basketball and baseball with the Yellowjackets. He and his family attend the Phalba Full Gospel Church.



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GBC races-victory lap-2013

By Robyn Wheeler
Monitor Staff Writer
MABANK–2016 Mabank Jubilee expects more than 50 barbecue contest teams according to ETMC Emergency Room Director Robert Munden, who briefed City Council members on the past Jubilee at the City Countil meeting Oct. 2 at Mabank City Hall.
“We had 40 business sponsors, 45 barbecue teams and gave $6,000 in awards,” Munden said.
Among attendee requests for improvements for next year’s event is more RV hook ups, more power hook ups for cooking and a stage on either the west or south side of the pavilion.
“Now that we are a Texas State Championship Qualifier, we are expecting more than 50 teams in the cook off next year,” Munden said.
Munden also noted the Jubilee is not a huge moneymaker for the city regarding fees but out-of-town guest spend money on motels and hotels, and at restaurants and grocery stores.
“We want to showcase the City of Mabank to visitors as a great place to come,” Munden said.
Mabank Mayor Jeff Norman also signed a proclamation making Nov. 3 as First Presbyterian Church Fall Festival Day.
In other news, Council members approved:
• the interlocal agreement to sell a 2010 Ford Crown Victoria for $6,000 to Mabank ISD for its police department.
• the Raw Water Supply Contract with Tarrant Regional Water District extending the contract for another 20 years.
• the resolution from Kaufman County Office of Emergency Management for approval of the Hazard Mitigation Plan.



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The Movement
By Pearl Cantrell
Monitor Staff Writer
CEDAR CREEK LAKE–The Movement launches its epic five nights of inspiration and hope proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ at The Pavilion in Mabank starting on Sunday, Oct. 11 at 6 p.m. This is the third year Hugh Roberts and Larry Reneau have spear headed the series of meetings in cooperation with area churches. Each year, countless stories of transformation and lives saved have been attributed to The Movement, Roberts and Reneau told The Monitor.
“Just today, because we’re wearing our Movement shirts, a woman came up to me and told me her mother gave her life to the Lord at The Movement last year and it changed her life,” Reneau said. He also told of a couple ready to divorce, who while at The Movement last year, forgave one another and are now actively involved in a local church. “We hear many stories just like these,” he said.
“We feel The Movement has a great place in the community and touches a lot of lives,” Roberts added.
Last year, people attending The Movement identified around 120 different church affiliations from Fort Worth to Tyler, even some from other states. Roberts and Reneau see The Movement as a way to grow and strengthen the local churches. Response cards gathered from those attending are handed out to cooperating churches to follow up with the discipling and counseling with those attending, they said.
“The response from the churches has been great,” Reneau said. Each night, a different church has volunteered to provide food, which is served free of charge from 5:45 p.m. to 6: 25 p.m. each night. In addition, a Kids’ Zone is set up with eight bounce houses from 5:30-6:15 p.m. for the children to enjoy. Ministers from local churches will bring the evening message, and a live band and singers will lead the worship time. Great skits and powerful testimonies are also a part of the event.  On Wednesday night, the focus will be on teens, and incredible feats of power and strength by The Power Team will illustrate the power of God to transform lives.
“We present the message of hope and forgiveness through skits, testimonies, songs and the Gospel so people understand the greatness of God’s love and the freedom He offers,” Reneau said. “We know that when people accept God’s grace and loving kindness into their lives, they receive that abundant life and transformation that brings true joy and fulfillment.”
The Movement is expecting a growth in the number of attendees. Wednesday night is especially popular with the area students. The program will be focused on reaching the younger generation. Pizza will be served on a grand scale. “We’re having 300 large pizzas delivered,” he added. All the songs, skits and testimonies will also come from young people, he said.
The thrust and motto of The Movement is printed boldly on the back of the shirts Reneau and Roberts and many others are wearing all around town: “Don’t Be Defeated. There’s More To Life” followed by a message from John 10:10 – “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I (Jesus) have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly!”
“We’re asking God to do great and wonderful things in this community,” Roberts said. “Make plans to join us.”