Posted by : Monitor Admin | On : May 6, 2016

By David Webb
Monitor Correspondent
KAUFMAN–The Kaufman County Commissioners Court will consider shutting down the household hazardous waste facility at the Kemp Eco-Station.
The court tabled an agenda item April 25 to close the facility until a workshop can be held to consider an alternative to the Kemp station’s operation. Possible alternatives would be the staging of a centralized hazardous waste collection site once yearly in Kaufman in coordination with the annual county clean-up in May.
In his proposal to close the Kemp operation, Precinct 4 Commissioner Jakie Allen branded it as a “losing proposition” because of its expense. The facility cost the county $5,725 to operate last year, and it collected “very little,” he said. In formal discussion during previous commissioners’ tenures caused concern among some Kaufman County residents.
The Kemp facility takes in mostly a small amount of aerosol cans and fertilizers, according to county officials.
“My request is not to take it and send it to Dallas,” Allen said.
Other commissioners questioned the wisdom of expecting other communities’ facilities to take in Kaufman County’s hazardous waste. They noted that if the Kemp facility is closed the county will likely be forced to clean up waste discarded on roads by people who are unwilling to pay a fee in Dallas and see no other means of disposal.
County Judge Bruce Wood said he suspected funding might be available at the state level to assist the county. “I don’t know that we can just do nothing about hazardous waste.”
Allen agreed to tabling the agenda item in favor of a workshop. County project manager Pam Corder said she would research funding availability for an alternative.
Kaufman County Environmental Co-op representative Charles Whitaker told the court he would be interested in implementing a plan for hazardous waste collection in cooperation with the county if officials can find funding. “I’d like to have a workshop,” he said.
In other action, the court:
• approved a pay increase for Sheriff’s Department employees that will cost a total of $247,455 to be funded from the General Fund Budget. The employees will receive an extra $70 per month or $850 annually. Sheriff David Byrnes said the pay increase would be necessary to decrease employee turnover prompted by several years of stagnant salaries.
• heard a report from a firm hired to recover delinquent court fines that it had brought in $1.1 million in six months.
• adopted County Road 109C into the county road system because it leads to Kaiser Cemetery and must be maintained. The road previously was in the system but got left off last year because the official list excluded it.



Posted by : Monitor Admin | On : May 4, 2016

By EmmaLee Doss
Monitor Correspondent
GUN BARREL CITY–The Gun Barrel City Council is sponsoring two local events, beginning with the10th annual Cedar Creek Lake Car Show and Kiwanis Krawfish Boil happening this Saturday, May 7 at the Mabank Park Pavilion. More than 100 vehicles are expected to fill the Pavilion and grounds with classic beauties from the automotive industry. Car tunes, plenty to eat and stiff trophy competition crowns the event. The city council approved platinum sponsorship with the donation of $1,000 from the Econcomic Development Corporation.
The second event it approved sponsoring is a free concert slated for September at the city park pavilion or amphitheater in the amount of $5,000 to $7,000 from promotional funds of the Economic Development Corporation. Councilwoman Linda Rankin had reservations about this expenditure from the EDC budget. However, the motion passed without her support.
City staff is pulling the plans together for the concert with details to be released as they become available.
In other business, council members:
• moved the May meeting to May 17
• heard and approved their annual Financial Report for FY 2015, ending Sept. 30.



Posted by : Monitor Admin | On : April 29, 2016

By Sariah Kendall
Monitor Correspondent
GUN BARREL CITY–The East Cedar Creek Fresh Water Supply District board members approved the installation of a 1,500-foot sewer force main for the Del Mar subdivision on Santa Maria to Sierra Madre. It is estimated to cost $20,715, with construction to begin mid-May. Builders anticipate the five new homes on lots there, and existing customers have expressed interest in sewer service, as well. Without the approval of this project, it would be far too costly for customers to install their own sewer.
“It’s ethical and fulfills our obligation to provide a sewer system,” Bill Goheen said. If there is an existing sewer line more people are likely to buy, but there may not be enough capacity for new builders and existing customers.
A phone survey is ongoing to determine demand for a possible extension of the project. Once built, it will be cost prohibitive to add pipeline for other lots not covered by the project, Goheen added.
The district board also approved revisions to a policy about the addition of a non-revenue producing “Guest House” on a customer’s property. The policy calls for upgrading the 5/8-inch water meter to a ¾-inch to accommodate greater water usage and water pressure. This changeover will also include an initial fee for the new meter and possibly a higher minimum fee per month. Failure to comply may result in a service interruption 25 days after notification is given.
Divers with the U.S. Underwater Services, will perform an inspection on the Brookshire Plant ground storage tanks, as well as remove any sediment build up, when they met April 20.
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), approved inspection was budgeted for the year and will cost around $14,000 that will be paid out of the Operating Reserve Account. The divers will also repair any minor leaks and assess the risk for rust.
The district is hoping to initiate the service for the last week of June and continue inspections every 3 to 5 years.
The General Manager’s goals and objectives for 2016-2017 were approved. The district plans to improve infrastructure and mend water leaks.
In other business, board members:
• approved the purchase of two extended cab economy trucks, not to exceed $47,000.
• approved the purchase of two equipment trailers, not to exceed $14,000.
• approved an unbudgeted and unexpected repair to the raw water pump at the Brookshire facility, totaling $14,583. The refurbished pump is expected to be in place before water demand reaches its summer peak.