CrossFit 751 honors the fallen

Posted by : Monitor Admin | On : June 2, 2017

By Rollin Hadsell
Monitor Staff Writer
ATHENS–Memorial Day gives us as Americans a time to reflect on the ones who have paid the ultimate price for us to enjoy the freedoms we have every day. CrossFit 751 Gym went above and beyond just remembering our fallen heroes Saturday, May 27.
More than 100 people took part in a workout called the Murph. The workout is in honor of one of those heroes, Navy Seal Lieutenant Michael Patrick Murphy, who was killed in action June 28, 2005 after being involved in a firefight with the Taliban in Asadabad, Afghinstan.
Murphy became a United States Navy SEAL in July 2002. Murphy was on a mission to capture a Taliban leader living in the hills in Afghanistan. Murphy received 14 medals for his bravery and sacrifice, including the United States Military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor. Murphy was also awarded a Silver Star and Purple Heart.
“There are several Hero Workouts in CrossFit that are named after fallen soldiers, but Murph is by far the most well-known,” CrossFit 751 Head Trainer and Manager Kam Fletcher said. “Here at CrossFit 751 & CrossFit GBC, it is an event that we take tremendous pride in, because it is a way for us to not only honor Lt. Michael Murphy, but all soldiers who have given the ultimate sacrifice.”
The Murph workout consists of a one-mile run to begin, doing 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats and finishing with another one mile run, all while wearing a 20-pound vest while doing the workout. Fletcher explained the reason they use this workout. “It is an extremely tough workout, and we would not want it to be any other way. It is just a glimpse of what those guys go through overseas & in times of war. With that being said, everyone is encouraged to join, even those who are not members of the gym.”
Fletcher said no one has to go it alone in this workout. “The workout can be done in teams, because we really want the entire community to embrace what this is really about; coming together & supporting something bigger than ourselves. There is really no way we could ever repay those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, but this is our way of showing how much it means to us.”