Company barges into Big Chief’s Landing

Posted by : Monitor Admin | On : May 19, 2017

By Erik Walsh
Monitor Staff Writer
CEDAR CREEK LAKE–A massive 56-foot barge was safely planted into Cedar Creek Lake Tuesday after a brief shutdown of the bridge between Seven Points and Gun Barrel City to make room for the hulking structure.
The barge project was funded by Morgan Marine Construction and built by Dwight Eshpach, of Kemp. From there, it was loaded onto a freighter and driven to Big Chief Landing in Gun Barrel City. That’s where things got tricky.
The barge itself is 18 feet wide and the loading ramp is only 20-foot wide. That left a narrow margin to back the massive work boat into the lake. The crew guided the driver expertly and the transition went off without a hitch.
From there, Morgan Marine crewman Daniel Etheridge drove the boat to Payne Springs, where spuds were installed. The next day, it was taken to Tom Finley park in Gun Barrel City, where it still resides until its first job. According to Etheridge, that job will be in Caney City’s clear water bay.
The big boat and freighter caught the attention of passers-by on a golf carts, stopping to watch the drama unfold. Gun Barrel City police assisted in shutting down the bridge for its arrival.