Henderson County Attorney talks gun laws

Posted by : Monitor Admin | On : February 2, 2017

Teri Caswell (left) of Faith in Action receives personal care items from the Henderson County Republican Club members, represented by President Anne Sherrill and Caron and Delbert Yelsma.

By Pearl Cantrell
Monitor Staff Writer
GUN BARREL CITY–Henderson County Attorney Clint Davis brought an entertainment slide presentation going over the changes in recent gun laws to educate members of the Henderson County Republicans Club at their monthly dinner meeting Jan. 26 at Vetoni’s Italian Restaurant in Gun Barrel City.
Texas is one of 15 states requiring a license to carry a handgun beyond one’s private property, 30 other states do not require one, Davis said.
Those qualifying for a handgun license are Texas residents for at least six month, the age of 21 or over without any felony convictions, and certified during a 4-6 hour gun safety class.
Non-license holders may have guns at their home or property properly stored without access to any under the age of 17. If carried in your vehicle or watercraft, it must be concealed. And the person in possession of a handgun must not be engaged in the commission of a crime greater than a Class C. (This excludes speeding tickets, Davis explained.) A charge of D.W.I is considered a Class A or B Misdemeanor and would be a problem for a non-licensed handgun holder. Also, you must not be a criminal gang member and have a handgun in your vehicle, Davis said. They are lawful to have while hunting or fishing.
No guns whatsoever are allowed at amusement parks, places of worship, courts, polling places, at any meeting of a governmental body, sporting events, race tracks, any federal property (including Post Offices), on public transportation, bars and night clubs where 51 percent of their revenues come from the sale of alcohol, hospitals, nursing homes and airports, unless checked and unloaded.
CHL holders may carry any caliber, open or concealed, holstered in belt or shoulder belt. Carrying in the hand is not allowed. CHL is a proper form of ID. There is no limit to the number of guns being carried in holsters on waist or shoulder belts.
Guns may be carried at public universities; not on junior colleges until Aug. 1, this year to give time for colleges to establish reasonable rules.
Businesses and Private Property may forbid guns by posting one of two signs with specified language in a conspicuous place in block lettering one-inch high in both English and Spanish. Signs preventing open carry are specified by statute 30.06 and those preventing concealed carry is 30.07. Absolutely no unlicensed gun carrier is allowed to carry into businesses selling alcohol. Also, a business owner may give personal notice to someone through speech or handing them a small lettered notice, such as a calling card. Employees of such businesses may carry their guns in their vehicles but not in company-owned vehicles if they have a policy against the possession of guns on their premises.
Government can’t limit guns in mixed-use buildings, only in the courtrooms or meeting rooms in those buildings. The Attorney General handles gun complaints, adjudicates them and collects a hefty fine for their trespass. Seems a bit self-serving, Davis pointed out.
Look for more proposed bills regarding guns, especially from those in support of constitutional carry, which means no license should be necessary to carry, he said.