Mabank Honor Choir performs under Capitol Dome

Posted by : Monitor Admin | On : May 27, 2016

63 Mabank ISD Honor Choir Members from the lower grade levels sing in the capitol rotunda May 19.

63 Mabank ISD Honor Choir Members from the lower grade levels sing in the capitol rotunda May 19.

By Pearl Cantrell
Monitor Staff Writer
MABANK–It’s another first for Mabank ISD students.
It started on Wednesday, May 18. An honor choir made up of 65 students from all three elementary schools and the intermediate competed against 19 other school choirs at Sandy Lake and earned a sweepstakes rating and were voted Most Outstanding Performance. One of the judges asked when was the district going to submit this choir to perform for TMEA, the Texas Music Educators Association?
Rarely has there ever been a 4A or smaller school asked to perform during the association’s February convention held in San Antonio. Mostly larger school districts and colleges are invited to perform, after a thorough application process.
The group of youngsters left their schools at 5:30 a.m. to join the rainy rush hour traffic and were unaffected to perform at 9 a.m., their director, Catherine Lindsley told The Monitor. “We are so proud of them, bringing home not one, but two trophies!”
The next morning, the same group of youngsters again left on buses at 5:30 a.m., this time to go to Austin. Once again, it was a rainy trip through rush-hour traffic, this time on I-35, which narrowed to one lane due to flooding. Mabank students lined up under the Capitol rotunda and sang beautifully for a 20-minute concert, according to Lindsley. Their selections included “America, our Home;” “God Bess America;” “Music Fills the Air” by Mabank songwriter Kelly Lindsley and “Guide Us, Lord.”
The Austin trip also included some sightseeing, with the choir singing one verse of “Guide Us, Lord” in the McDonald’s where they ate, bringing tears to the assistant manager’s eyes. “The kids were very impressed with that,” Catherine Lindsley related. The group also sang during their visit to the InnerSpace Cavern.
The group, which included 24 chaperones, also went to Main Event Austin, an entertainment venue similar to Whatz-Up, returning to Cedar Creek Lake the following day.
The Honor Choir also performed before a home audience Tuesday night at the Mabank High School Auditorium. Their music directors include Kay Williams of Central Elementary, Aubrey Presley from Southside, Donna Hicks, Lakeview; and Hilary Bounds, directing at Mabank Intermediate and Junior High.
“I’ve never before directed a choir this young,” Catherine Lindsley said. “But it has been a surprising joy to work with the MISD Honor Choir this year. They are wonderful kids who rose to the occasion in a special way.”