Eustace students discover hidden treasure at the library

Posted by : Monitor Admin | On : April 10, 2014

Monitor Photo/Pearl Cantrell Library volunteer Ann Morrow assists a group of girls gain some hands-on experience using the comptuers at The Library at Cedar Creek Lake.

Monitor Photo/Pearl Cantrell
Library volunteer Ann Morrow assists a group of girls gain some hands-on experience using the comptuers at The Library at Cedar Creek Lake.

By Pearl Cantrell
Monitor Staff Writer

SEVEN POINTS–The Library at Cedar Creek Lake staff and volunteers hosted 110 second grade students from Eustace Primary recently for an interactive tour of the many research and fun learning materials to be discovered at the library.
“We’ve been trying to reach out to the schools to make them aware of the resources available here,” library director Sondra Price said of the visit.
“We also want the Head Start parents in the area to know about the English as a Second Language program we have here, along with GED and literacy programs,” she added. “The library is a great community resource on so many levels.”
The second graders spent nearly two hours experiencing a variety of things the library offers, starting with a special program brought to them by Kaufman County Urban Forester Pam Corder.
She helped the students to realize just how important trees are to our lives, so they won’t be taken for granted or mistreated.
Students got to express some of the facts they learned about trees in a craft project following Corder’s presentation.
The library offers just such educational and entertaining programs weekly throughout the summer to peak curiosity on a variety of subjects, which can all be explored in more depth through its informational resources on the shelves and online.
Small groups of students were lead on mini scavenger hunts for particular book titles, videos and audio books, while other students explored the online resources.
These include:
•eBooks, downloadable to tablets using your library card number.
• the Learning Express Library, which offers homework helps.
• A to Z maps, Global Road Warrior, and A to Z USA, which can be accessed with the user name – sevenpoints and password – library.
• TexShare Databases, include resources from any library in the state, and finally
• the library’s own database at www.cedarcreeklibrary.com.
“We do have a lot of databases and get homework help with eBooks for kids for their tablets. If they can’t get to the library and if they have their library card they can still check out books through the library,” Price noted.
“We hope to start these students as library users so they’ll want to visit often, especially during our summer reading programs,” Price said. “Much thought and effort are put into bringing educational programs to the area’s young people. We want them to be able to take full advantage of these opportunities.”
The library has 12 Internet computers and some laptop computers used in the various educational programs it offers to independent learners. The library also provides free WiFi access for those with tablets, smart phones and laptop computers.
Volunteer opportunities also abound for adults and teens.
“Teens who are working to graduate as Distinguished Scholars, need a certain number of volunteer hours. The library is a great place to volunteer,” Price said.
Currently, DECA club teens are operating The Greater Good tutoring program. There are also many other opportunities for teens who want to volunteer here, she added.
The library works with around 20 adult volunteers, not including the 15 board members. Volunteers are always needed for smooth and efficient operations.
Eustace Primary teacher Kim Temple said the teachers were thrilled for the opportunity to bring their classes to the library.
“In second grade, we not only want to develop reading skills but we want to instill a lifelong love of reading. We are hoping our kids visit the library and enjoy the summer program offered,” she said.
“Our kids thoroughly enjoyed the planned activities and especially the opportunity to learn how to look up their books. The popcorn and juice were an added bonus! Our students came back excited about using the information they learned about trees,” she added.
“We are definitely hoping to include a trip to the library next year. A great well organized trip!”
The Library at Cedar Creek Lake is located at 410 E. Cedar Creek Parkway, Seven Points, Texas 75143 and its telephone is (903) 432-4185.