Council adopts pay raises for city staff

Posted by : Monitor Admin | On : March 27, 2014

By David Webb
Monitor Correspondent

TOOL–The Tool City Council approved raises for all municipal employees to be funded from the city’s reserve fund account during a meeting March 20.
City staff surveyed adjacent cities recently to determine average salaries being paid employees for similar work. Mayor Tamra Brickey recommended raises be given to city employees to bring them in line with employees of other area cities.
The total amount of the salary increases including the city’s liability for payroll taxes for the fiscal year will be $28,061. Salaries increased by $5,331 or 9.2 percent from $57,668 to $62,999 for administrative employees, by $15,102 or 4.4 percent from $345,826 to $360,928 for police employees, by $1,702 or 1.7 percent from $94,673 to $96,375 for maintenance employees and by $3,931 or 6.6 percent from $59,510 to $63,441 for court employees. The payroll tax increase liability for the fiscal year amounted to $1,995.
The council approved the salary increases by a 3-2 vote with Brickey, Fran Sonka and Donny Daniel voting yes and Nathan Reeder and Rick Williams opposed
In other action, council members:
• heard a proposal from Mike Reneau about his plans to start a scrap metal recycling center that would be enclosed by a solid metal fence and contained in a storage building. Reneau said he wanted feedback from the council and public before continuing with the project.
• approved a resident’s request for a variance of setback restrictions to allow the construction of a carport on Hardy Road.
• denied a request for the city to make repairs for damages to a resident’s concrete decking caused by a faulty culvert. The culvert is on private subdivision property, and it is not the responsibility of the city, the council noted.
• approved seeking assistance from Henderson County for labor and equipment use in the repair of one mile of roadway at Old Indian Trail and Utopia.
• approved a 1.4 percent increase by Allied Waste to become effective April 1. Residential rates will increase 20 cents per month to $14.35.
• appointed Virginia and Jack Smithers as presiding and alternate election judge for the May 10 election.
• appointed Wesley Flaherty of Malakoff High School as student election clerk for the May 10 election.
• rejected a donation of a lot in Westwood Beach Subdivision by owner Alma Sue Smith.
• introduced all of the candidates in the May 10 election to the public in three-minute speech allotments.