Gun Barrel’s The UPS Store® delivers holiday happiness

Posted by : Monitor Admin | On : December 12, 2013

Courtesy Photo UPS Store manager Matt Kirkpatrick prepares a package for shipping during the holidays.

Courtesy Photo
UPS Store manager Matt Kirkpatrick prepares a package for shipping during the holidays.

Offering pack and ship guarantees

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GUN BARREL CITY–Between shipping holiday packages, planning the family trip and baking cookies, the holidays can be anything but happy.
Fortunately, The UPS Store ® located at 1307 W. Main St. in Gun Barrel City, can help keep the holidays happy and hassle-free.
“Whether it’s helping you personalize and send your holiday greetings, packing and shipping your gifts so they arrive safely or having someone sign for all your holiday packages, we’re a convenient one-stop shop that can handle our customers’ holiday needs,” The UPS Store manager Matt Kirkpatrick said.
“For those needing to send packages to Mexico, we have our new service, Mexico Standard. It is safe, reliable, and affordable for shipping to Mexico.”
For customers lacking the time, expertise or proper packaging supplies to prepare their gifts for shipment, they can bring them to The UPS Store.
“We are certified packing experts, who offer The UPS Store Pack & Ship Guarantee®, which reimburses customers the cost of packaging materials and service as well as shipping costs in the event a center-packed item shipped via UPS is lost or damaged,” Kirkpatrick explained.
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For customers who prefer to do it themselves, our UPS Store offers the following tips:
• Begin with the proper materials: a new cardboard box designed for shipping, professional-grade packaging tape and packaging material, like foam packaging peanuts or bubble cushioning (at least two inches all around).
• Include a label on the inside of the package with the destination and return addresses.
• Use a shipping option, like UPS, that provides a package tracking number.
• Take batteries out of toys, electronics, etc., before shipping and wrap them separately to avoid contact with metal.
• Seal home-made holiday treats in an interior airtight container or plastic bag before packing them.
• Use an expedited air service, such as UPS Next Day Air.®
• Ship wrapped gifts and luggage ahead to your destination, especially if traveling by air.
While many customers know they can rely on The UPS Store to handle the tasks of packing and shipping their holiday gifts, they’re also discovering they can check other items off of their holiday to-do lists at The UPS Store, including printing holiday newsletters, invitations and programs.
For those customers who do a lot of online and catalogue shopping, opening a mailbox at The UPS Store is an added convenience.
“Rather than leaving online and catalogue purchases sitting on your doorstep when you’re not at home, let us receive them for you,” Kirkpatrick said.
“Plus, we’ll notify you via email or text message when you have a package waiting for pick-up, eliminating unnecessary trips.”
With only 21 shipping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, good timing is critical.
Mondays are typically the busiest shipping days and Dec. 16-20 is expected to be the busiest week of the year, but we expect to see the holiday rush as late as Dec. 23 for delivery on Dec. 24.
The UPS Store is located at 1307 W. Main St., in Gun Barrel City. For more information, call (903) 887-8770 or go to
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