City gives tattoo shop green light

Posted by : Monitor Admin | On : December 7, 2013

By David Webb
The Monitor Correspondent

GUN BARREL CITY–The newest business opening on Cedar Creek Lake for the New Year will be a tattoo and body-piercing studio.
The Gun Barrel City Council approved a special use permit to Andy Gerraguch during a special meeting Monday, Dec. 2, to open the studio at 1710 W. Main St. The new business, to be located in the former Sears building, will be called Living Canvas. It will also sell merchandise, such as jewelry and clothing.
The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the council approve the special use permit after hearing the business proposal in a meeting just prior to the council meeting.
A representative of Hollywood Hair appeared before the commission in support of Gerraguch’s plan.
Gerraguch advised the council he would agree to its stipulations that included requiring private rooms for tattoos and body-piercings, not displaying artwork of an X-rated nature in public, complying with safe health standards and allowing city inspections of the operation.
Tattoo art that might be offensive to some people because of depictions of nudity or violence would be kept in binders for private viewing, he said.
“Most of the artwork displayed on the walls will be of fine art quality,” Gerraguch said.
City manager Gerry Boren told the council the city would not regulate what type of tattooing or body piercing occurs in the private rooms. “They can do whatever they want,” he said.
No one appeared at a public hearing to oppose the business opening.
Gerraguch said the studio would employ a half-dozen full-time employees and additional part-time workers during holiday seasons. He estimated 60 percent of the sales would be for tattoos and body piercing and that 40 percent would be for merchandise that would generate sales tax revenue for the city.
Boren said it would be the only tattoo studio operating in the city at this time.
One studio previously opened several years ago, but it closed quickly, Boren said. Another studio that gained approval to open more than a year ago never followed through with the plan, he said.
Gerraguch said he hoped to open his studio between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, and that he would be offering a new service to the lakeside community. “I’ll be the only legitimate, professional one here,” he said.