Lake area welcomes emerging sport with Hawaiian heritage

Posted by : Monitor Admin | On : May 11, 2013

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CEDAR CREEK LAKE–Stand up paddle boarding (SUP), known in the Hawaiian language as Hoe he’e nalu, is a sport that is expanding in popularity across the country.
Cedar Creek Lake residents might not know this, but there is a new business in our area that offers Stand Up Paddle Boards.
Rio Sup is the top source in Texas for the top brands in Stand Up Paddle Boards and SUP gear.
Rio Sup recently opened their second location here on Cedar Creek Lake at Don’s Port Marina in April.
“People have been Stand up paddling for eons, but over the past decade it has really taken the world by storm,” co-founder of Rio SUP Jason Black said.
“SUP is the fastest growing outdoor sport in the world, in part, due to its broad appeal.
“If you can stand, you can stand up paddle. From kids to the elderly, most anyone can do it. It can be an incredibly tough workout, or just a leisurely activity, it is what you make it.”
Stand up paddling began in the 1960s as a way for instructors to better position themselves for taking photographs.
The key to Stand up paddle boarding popularity is the ease of learning. Beginners often become comfortable within an hour of training.
The user holds a stand up paddle which is used to propel themselves across the water while standing on a surfboard or stand up board as its called.
The board itself is usually constructed from carbon, fiberglass, or wood.