Fugitive caught

Posted by : Monitor Admin | On : December 22, 2012

Monitor Staff Reports
CANTON–After calling in K-9 units, DPS helicopter and a high speed chase, a fugitive was finally tricked into police custody Monday near Grand Saline in Van Zandt County.
According to a press release from Sheriff Pat Burnett, it all started with an attempt to serve a warrant on Jimmy Do Thompson of Grand Saline. Information relayed to authorities said the subject had recently arrived at an address on VZCR 1313. Upon arrival authorities observed two subjects inside a green Ford truck, described to them earlier.
The truck occupants spotted authorities and quickly fled the scene, south east from the residence and down a narrow wooded trail.
Due to the rough terrain, authorities had to continue the search on foot. The vehicle was located where it had run through the woods, over a fence and was abandoned, with both doors open and vehicle still running.
The vehicle was identified as one that was stolen out of Dallas.
A command post and perimeter were set up.
A DPS helicopter, Canton Air 1 Helicopter along with Canton Police K9 unit responded to the scene and a search for the suspects began.
Authorities were advised that Thompson had recently made threats to kill law enforcement to keep from going back to prison. He was considered armed and dangerous.
Later, officers received reports that Thompson was hiding in a nearby barn and had phoned for a ride to come get him. Authorities surrounded and searched several barns but could not locate him.
It has been determined later through reports, the suspect had been receiving information through his cell phone, from an unknown source that was providing the whereabouts of law enforcement by monitoring a police scanner.
Sheriff’s Office investigator Jason Burns called off the helicopters, contacted dispatch over the radio that the man hunt was terminated and all units were to clear.
Shortly afterwards, officers were provided information that Thompson had received information that the search was terminated and he could now be picked up.  
Units devised a plan to apprehend Thompson by utilizing a family member’s vehicle. Units approached Thompson’s location in the vehicle and lured him to walk towards it.
As Thompson approached the vehicle, officers rushed out to apprehend him. Thompson was tased and then placed into custody.
Thompson was booked in the Van Zandt County Jail for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle pending arraignment. He will be facing evading arrest charges at a later date.
The other suspect is still at large but has been identified and felony arrest warrants will be issued.
“Every agency came together and worked as a team to execute a strategy that ended up apprehending this wanted fugitive,” Burns said. “We would like to thank the Department of Public Safety, Grand Saline Police Department, Canton Police Department, Van Zandt County District Attorney’s Office, constables and deputies for their willingness to work together.”