Rotarians hear bad dog behavior solutions

Posted by : Monitor Admin | On : December 12, 2012

Rotary Club demonstration by Nora Vamosi-Nagy

Monitor Photo/Robyn Wheeler
Mirror Method co-founder Nora Vamosi-Nagy gives Paco and Peru cues to roll over at the Rotary Club meeting Dec. 7.

By Robyn Wheeler
Monitor Staff Writer

GUN BARREL CITY–Rotary Club members were treated to a special live animal performance by Circle Star Pet Resort owner and dog trainer Vicki Cooper Springer and Mirror Method co-founder Nora Vamosi-Nagy at their weekly meeting Dec. 7.
Springer and Vamosi have combined talents and resources to provide a first-hand look at dog behavior and training.
“We give advice so that dogs don’t get on their owners last nerve,” Vamosi said.
“Bad dog behavior is not the dog’s fault, it is the owner’s fault,” Vamosi said.
“Dogs mirror people’s behavior so we strive to change the behavior of our clients in order to develop a well-mannered dog,” she added.
Vamosi gave examples of this by gently and easily commanding her two Argentian Mastiffs Peru, 4, and Paco, 10, to bow, play dead, roll over and walk between her legs, which they did without missing a beat.
Dogs have lots of energy Vamosi explained, and the are healthier when they are tired physically and mentally.
Vamosi says the mirror method rewards dogs for good behavior while avoiding punishment for bad behavior.
She says she not only uses the method on dogs and cats but also on horses and cats too.
Springer also spoke about her Murchison-based pet resort which not only includes dog boarding, training and grooming but also a pet taxi for pick up and delivery of your pets.
Springer says owners boarding their pets may view daily photos of their pets on Facebook while they are away.
Circle Star dog training, Stringer says, is guaranteed for a lifetime and takes just four weeks. After class completion, dogs will be able to:
• sit quietly at your side, waiting for the next command,
• walk pleasantly on a leash, without dragging or tripping the owner,
• automatically sit when you stop,
•sit and lay down promptly when asked, and
• come quickly when called and sit in front of you.
Circle Star Pet Resort is located on a 100-acre ranch at 6480 FM 2339, in Murchison.