Mabank school bus collides with truck

Posted by : Monitor Admin | On : November 10, 2012

Mabank school bus wreck

Monitor Photo/Susan Harrison
A school bus collided with a truck on Third and Mason streets, sending two school-age passengers to emergency room Wednesday morning.

By Pearl Cantrell
Monitor Staff Writer

MABANK–At least two school-age children were taken to the emergency room by their parents, following a school bus collision Wednesday morning. The bus monitor also went in to be checked over for any serious injury resulting from the crash.
“We’re still doing followups with the children on the bus,” Mabank school superintendent Dr. Russell Marshall told The Monitor Thursday. “Five of the 42 children on board did not return to school today (Thursday),” he said. “We’re looking into their status this morning.”
Marshall said the regular bus route driver was driving a “substitute bus” that morning.
Mabank Police said the bus driver proceeded into the intersection of Third and Mason streets, where she was required to yield the right of way on the green light when making the left turn toward the schools.
The bus collided with a truck, which sustained damage to its front. Both vehicles were towed from the scene.
Students in the bus were thrown forward by the force of the impact, some sustaining injuries to their head, Marshall said.
One mother reported to The Monitor that her daughter flew out of her seat, hit her head and landed on her back on the floor. She sustained a concussion from the incident, her mother said.
When she called the school’s bus barn she said, she was told that all complaints had to go through a lawyer.
Marshall said, standard operating procedures were followed, which calls for an immediate blood test of the bus driver.
“Our investigation is ongoing,” Marshall said, including ascertaining the cause of the accident. Though most of the school district buses have cameras and video recording on board, this particular bus did not.
Also, seat belts are installed on buses that transport special needs children, but not on other buses, Marshall said.
On scene from the school included the high school principal, director of transportation and the school health coordinator, Marshall said.
The rest of the children were transferred to another bus and taken to school.
“We were very fortunate in that the injuries were limited,” Marshall said.