MHS starts Red Ribbon Campaign

Posted by : Monitor Admin | On : October 24, 2012

Mabank High School against bullying

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Mabank High Sschool faculty and staff show their solidarity in standing against bullying and standing up for a drug-free America.

Special to The Monitor
MABANK–During the last week in October, the Mabank High School (MHS) will participate in the Red Ribbon Campaign, the oldest and largest drug prevention program in the nation.
The event reaches millions of young people and is an ideal way for students and communities to unite, taking a visible stand against drugs.
The Red Ribbon Campaign began in response to Mexico City drug traffickers murdering a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agent in 1985.
Since then, the tradition of displaying Red Ribbons as a symbol of intolerance towards the use of drugs has continued.
The mission of the Red Ribbon Campaign is to present a unified and visible commitment towards the creation of a drug free America.
Mabank High School student leaders from Beta, Deca, and student council, gathered at the school Oct. 21, to decorate the commons area, post drug free signs on the tennis court fence, cut ribbons for tying on car antennas and prepare drug free informational handouts for students.
MHS faculty and staff sported an anti-drug and bully T-shirt promoting the slogun “Don’t just watch, Do Something About it.”
For more information, call Jay Thompson or Cris Cary at (903) 880-1600.