Literary Club hears recount of 9-11 and United Airlines Flight 93

Posted by : Monitor Admin | On : September 12, 2012

Cedar Creek Lake Literary Club, Nella Phillips 9-11

Monitor Photo/Barbara Gartman
Nella Phillips reviews the book “Let’s Roll,” recounting United Flight 93 at the 2012-13 opening meeting of the Cedar Creek Lake Literary Club as their keynote speaker Tuesday, the 11th anniversary of its downing.

By Barbara Gartman
Monitor Staff Writer

SEVEN POINTS–On Sept. 11, 2001, Americans across the globe, wherever they were, stopped and gazed in horror at their televisions sets or listened intently to radios on all major stations.
At first, many wondered if what they were hearing was a prank like the Orson Wells radio broadcast of alien invasion many years ago, but it wasn’t.
“This was the day American citizens woke up to the fact and realized ‘there are people out there who want to kill us,’” said Nella Phillips, book reviewer and guest speaker at the Cedar Creek Lake Literary Club.
On the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attack on The Pentagon and World Trade Center in New York, Phillips reviewed the dramatic story of United Airlines Flight 93 and the 37 heroes on board, led by passengers Todd Beamer and Jeremy Glick. UA 93 was one of four commercial airlines hijacked by Islamic extremists, which targeted American seats of power – this one was commissioned to crash into the White House.
Beamer’s “Let’s Roll,” were the last words he spoke before he led others on board to force the plane to crash short of its target, in a field in Pennsylvania. Lisa Beamer wrote the book, “Let’s Roll.”
“She said the expression was what he used when the family was going somewhere and he was urging his sons, David, 3, and Andrew, 18 months, to hurry up,” Phillips said.
In her book, Lisa described events from the crashes to the memorials, but it was their first meeting, the time they dated and their marriage that described Todd Beamer, the man.
Only 32 at the time of the crash, she said he wanted to be a very Godly husband and father, was goal-oriented and loved his family.
Phillips is the former “Miss Vickie” of the nationally syndicated children’s program “Romper Room” which aired locally on WFAA-TV.
Today, she can be heard every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:25 a.m. on radio station KAAM (770 AM) as she presents a short devotional.
In other business, members:
• were welcomed to the first meeting of the club’s new year.
• reminded of the club bridge party fundraiser coming in October, benefiting the library.